The Culinary Team of Sweden
The Chocolate Box
Four members of the Swedish Culinary Team are often training and making new delicious deserts, cakes and chocolates. They have now put together four different kinds of chocolates in one box. The four talented members of the team are: Mattias Ljungberg, Patrik Fredirksson, Johan Sandelin and Daniel Roos.

It is an illustration of Swedish landscapes and silhouettes - a reindeer, "Lapporten" in Northern Sweden and forest trees such as the fir-tree.
Opening sequence and graphics
This project I did together with Onside TV for Canal +. It is a program showing the best and worst from the past soccer week in Allsvenskan in Sweden.

We have designed opening sequences, bumpers and program-graphics.
Logtype and graphics for a restaurant and patisserie
This logo and graphics are made for the restaurant and patisserie 'Rue du Pont Nouveau', owned by the well-known pastry chef and winner of many awards and prizes - Mattias Ljungberg. I have worked with him and Stephanie Tham to develop this concept. Mr. Ljungberg wanted a modern Scandinavian Art Nouveau feeling and touch to his new restaurant and patisserie.

So I have designed a font with an Art Nouveau feeling and a monogram or symbol if you please, that gives this vibe. The main symbol is a 'P' and 'N' as you can see.

If you ever feel like seeing it for real and wish to enjoy an amazing food experience you should take the chance to go to Nybrogatan 28. If you want a glance at the menu - look at
As you can tell by the name of the company they transport passengers to islands in the Swedish archipelago. Here is a logotype where the 'S' and the 'C' are used in the main symbol to give it the extra feeling of speed and flight through the archipelago and hopping from island to island. The birds enhance this look - the birds are very common bird in these waters and are called 'ejder' (eider).

The website:
Better Bodies 7 days a week
Clothing prints for sportswear
This was a brand in brand concept I designed for Better Bodies, which is a clothing company that mainly produces clothes for training and sports. They wanted a concept that enhances the Better Bodies lifestyle, people that live a life aware of the good in wellness and training. Even if you do not spend every minute at the gym or on the track out running, you live it 7 days a week. 7DW is short for - Seven days a week. This was integrated with their existing logotype, so the message is Better Bodies 7 days a week.
Here I got the opportunity to design a logotype for an ice-hockey team. They aren't in the NHL or Elitserien, but they like to play and are fighting hard to work their way to the top. This is a team of junior hockey-players I might add. One day these might be our future within hockey and sports.

They needed to upgrade their polar-bear. They wanted a cool bear-head that they could apply onto their outfits. The star symbolises the kids' star-quality and the Nordic light in the northern hemisphere.
This is an organisation that was started together with the newspaper, Aftonbladet, and turned into a TV-show. It is about the everyday hero - or someone going out of their way for a stranger or someone else. Here is a symbol that symbolises the helping hand - someone grabbing onto the person in need and was designed by Sven R. Ohlson together with Daniel Holmgren, who made it in 3D.
25 ackord - an exhibition of world famous guitarists
by Steff Granström
Here is a logotype that I designed for Steff Granström?s exhibition - 25 ackord (chord in English). The picture shows the invitation to the grand opening and revealing of the artwork.

Steff G. has met and photographed several guitar icons. He has had an exhibition showing these portraits, some of these guitarists are Yngve Malmsten, Janne Shaffer, Dregen and many more. If you wish to take a closer look you can see some of these photos on

The website for Steff G. and his photography has also been designed by us.
A sailracing logotype
Team WETCAT is a sailracing team that mainly races catamarans. In this case in the picture-background you see a French Cirrus F18.

It is a great dubble-hull sailing experience.

The logotype was made to suite the crew sailing this boat. Smooth like a cat - but getting wet occasionally.
A young entrepreneur named Christina Salenstedt-Linder is a personal coach and trains executives to be better leaders and also helps the individual to reach greater goals. She needed a stylish logotype and business-card to give to her clients. Her company is called "ToAction" and here we have used the 't' and the 'a' as main graphics in the logotype.
FOR K. S. L.
'ToAction' had to have a business-card too. It was meant that it should go in the same style and colours as the logotype.
This is a TV production company that mainly focuses on sports. The logotype was initially made to symbolise their business and what they did when they started. They sent out high-lights from soccer-games in the rest of the country. If you were at one of the games - there would be a big screen, on the side of the field, showing goals and interesting things also happening in other games elsewhere. As audience at one game you were watching you were still be able to know how the other national games, that have something to do with Allsvenskan or SuperEttan , were also going.

The ellipse is a symbol for the arena and the dot is the screen showing events 'Onside' of the field.
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