How this all started 

along time ago

This all initially started back in my childhood days... so a really long time ago. I always enjoyed drawing, painting and sketching. It started out in the early school years of my life - a bit here and there - for friends who thought it would be cool if I drew a 'Super-hero' or something resembling Donald Duck or you name it I drew it. So the interest grew and so did I. It was time to explore more and get some further education. So I have gone to Beckmans, Stockholm School of Art, Berghs school of Communication and many different schools and courses focusing on design, art, fashion and media, receiving awards from the Art Directors Guild. Most of all I have always had a great passion for design.

So this resulted in the fact that I wanted to design logos and many more things, examples of which you can see on the 'Logo Grande' web-site.

Sven R. Ohlson

Art Director


I´m currently living in Stockholm and have most of my clients in Sweden. Travelng all over the world or just working with someone next door super. It is as inspirational where ever you are. And as my client you will get the best attention you can imagine. We will make the trip worth it... a trip we will take together.