Portfolio & clients


Through the years we have had the opportunity to work with lots of different clients and customers of all kinds. Some of them I will list here below. And I´ll give you a taste of some of the projects I have been involved in.


I would first of all like to congratulate the newly-wed couple - Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.

Thanks to their wedding I have had the privilege and honor to, not only design, but also construct their wedding cake.

The team of confectioners I have worked together with are: Mattias Ljungberg, Günther Koerffer, Conrad Tyrsén, Maria Grave and Jennie Elmerfors - some of Swedens most talented confectioners. We have together talked about how this wedding cake should be portrayed in the best way. Taste and ingredients are of course made by the above mentioned confectioners.

It had to be a stylish and exclusive wedding cake that also shows Swedish design and taste at its best.

I have to thank my fantastic father Nils G. Ohlson (Professor of Strength of Materials) for all the help with advice, construction and material knowledge for the special construction of the cake-stand.

Sven R. Ohlson


I would like to  like to congratulate this royal couple too - Prince Carl-Philip and Princess Sofia.

Once again I have had the honor to be asked to design the wedding-cake for members of the Swedish Royal Family. This time it was in a bit of a hurry compared to Crown Princess Victoria. I was out traveling and got a call from Mattias Ljungberg who asked if I had time to do this deed together with him. I started sketching right away - sitting in the airport I grabbed my notebook and pen - and got started right away. You can see one of the first sketches below.

Mattias Ljungberg brought a few drafts to the Prince and his wife to be. They loved one of the designs that eventually became the wedding cake you se in the picture above. The spiral of love - representing the twists and turns in life and how love works in the most fascinating ways.

Sven R. Ohlson


It has been many different projects through the years. Here are a few clients that I have worked with.

SVT, TV4, TV3, Svenska Spel, DN, TV4SPORT,Svenskt Näringsliv, Better Bodies, LG, 3nine, Strix, Onside TV, OTW, Milford, Elephant Radio, MoreStores, Steff Granström Fotograf, Tössebageriet, Mr Cake, Rue du Pont Nouveau, Historiska Museet, Isconis, Quality & Quantum, Nordic Gym, CCS, Stenkulla vatten, Nike, Cycore, Spray, Cham productions, HITS, Itello, ExaVir, På Dam & Herr, 1337, KTH Flygklubb, Franks Voice-Over, ELIT, LA+B, GWDT - Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Partners, Coca Cola, Puls & Träning, REV Riskförbundet Enskilda Vägar, Bollnäs Kommun, Marinbutiken, Ryhed Idrott & Rehab, Springtime, Bicycling, Seacab, Kocklandslaget, Konditorlandslaget, Ekomiljö... and many more.


The example you see here is made for a sports-channel called TV4 SPORT. Here we designed and made Station IDs, bumpers, trailer-packages, straps for what is on, coming up and crawl-text banners and a lot of channel graphics. It is important to get the channel to have the right feeling so the viewer gets into the right mood and understands what the channel is signalling.

In this case, TV4 SPORT is a channel that broadcasts sports and movies. They therefore wanted an innovative and sporty look ? The brief was mainly focused on the logotype, an orange flag. To give the channel an approach that gives the audience the right feeling we filmed several of the sequences with a high-speed camera, so one could get nice slow-motion shots. Then a well-defined mixture of graphics and typography in orange against black gave the final touch.

The ideas and designs are by Sven R. Ohlson and the motion-graphics were made together with Kristian Zarins.


It´s important to get the right feeling to your client - motion or still. You have to catch the attention of your customer.

Coca-Cola amusement park on tour in Europe

We collaborated with "The Partners" from Istanbul and designed an amusement park that would be mobile and a rolling attraction for Coca-Cola and their customers. Their goal was to amuse and entertain families all over Europe - let them interact and understand what Coca-Cola as a company gives back to the planet. What Global Footprint they set on earth.

Our mission was to design and come up with the concept that would be within the three gigantic tents that were easy to transport on trucks that would take the amusement park round in Europe. We designed games for customers (Families) to interact with and the overall feeling and look that would be inside the tents. Above you see some of the sketches that were used to set the mood and give an idea of what was going to be made.

Mitt i naturen - SVT.

A program on the Swedish TV channel SVT. Here I designed the studiodecor and illustrated several signs of spring emerging progressively in Sweden. I drew everything that appeared out of the melting snow - all fauna & flora. Most of the studio was recorded outdoors to get the best vibes of nature changing from season to season. The props where my sketches and a table built as a map. The clever carpenter team from Artndito and Pernilla Olsson also collaborated with me on this project.

A new studio for Go Kväll - SVT.

Another project for SVT - the evening show - Go Kväll. Here I have designed the studiodecor to give the audience a new feeling and look. SVT aiming at attract a new age-group and still keep the current one happy. An interessting and challenging task.

Pernilla Olsson has also collaborated with me on this project. Thank you for all the help and good work.

Go Kväll on SVT Play.